Indian Healthcare and Hospitality Cooperative Ltd.

HEALCOP is a Cooperative Organisation registered under the Multi State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002, having its registered office in New Delhi. The primary objective of HEALCOP is to provide healthcare services to its members and society at large. HEALCOP envisages to revolutionize the healthcare sector in the country by introducing distinct healthcare programmes with the aim of imparting knowledge and making the members and the citizens well equipped with better health measures.

HEALCOP has partnered with NGOs and corporates for conducting programmes to promote alternative therapies, with special focus on General Healthcare, Preventive Healthcare, Ayurveda, Yoga, Yogic/Spiritual Healing, General/specialised Diagnostics, etc.

HEALCOP is a progressive organization which aims to bring an overhaul in the current healthcare mechanism in the country. It has a unique mobile healthcare programme, which has its reach to even the remotest areas with focus on the health of children, women and the aged. HEALCOP Mobile Diagnostic Programme has reached several families at their doorstep to conduct medical examination and diagnosis using state of the art equipment and connects the patients to doctors using technology.

HEALCOP has worked extensively for providing healthy and nutritious food items. It also provides safe drinking water and easy access to the same to one and all. HEALCOP has conducted hygiene and sanitization workshops under Swachh Bharat Mission with the aim of creating awareness and facilities for clean environment, with focus on rural hygiene. HEALCOP has associated with experts to introduce modern technology for cleanliness and disposal of waste.


The principal objective of HEALCOP is to promote the health and healthcare interests of all its members and the general public and to attain their social, economic and health care betterment through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the co-operative principles and the bye-laws of HEALCOP.

The main objectives of HEALCOP  are as follows:

  • To provide to its members and citizens, facilities of health care including medical services at a reasonable cost by providing decent hospital, dispensary and other up-to-date scientific, medical, surgical and pharmaceutical amenities for the reception and treatment of persons suffering from illness.
  • To run hospitals, dispensaries, medical colleges, hostels, nursing schools, rehabilitation centres, medical shops, pharmacy or other establishments of healthcare.
  • To establish, manage and maintain hospitals and encourage medical tourism and create or cause to create necessary infrastructures for medical and eco-tourism.
  • To establish, provide and maintain laboratories, diagnostic centres and create necessary infrastructure for the conduct of research, experiments and tests to promote studies, researches and inventions in the medical field for the general well being of its members and citizens.
  • To run training and educational courses for medical, paramedical staff and students.
  • To arrange free medical check-ups and awareness camps, medicine camps, blood donation camps, immunization camps, etc.
  • To open centres or branches for providing medical services to its members and the public at large.
  • To manufacture, purchase and sell medical preparations including generic drugs at reasonable prices
  • To undertake research and such other activities as are incidental and conducive to the development of health industry, healthcare and hospitality
  • To provide healthy and nutritious food items at affordable price and to set up outlets for the sale of such food items.
  • To manufacture, supply and deal with food items and in this connection, provide training to farmers for organic farming, markeeting and manufacturing healthy food items.
  • To set up centers for learning for Ayurveda, Yoga and other indigenous alternative remedies/therapies.
  • To carry out research ad development for waste management, cleanliness, sanitization.
  • To create jobs and avenues for self-help and self-employment with a goal of strengthening Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

Our Programmes

  • Conducting cleanliness drive in rural/urban areas;
  • Providing healthy and nutritious meals to children in remote areas;
  • Providing mid-day meals in bridge schools at Noida and Vasant Kunj, New Delhi;
  • Conducting Programme – HEALCOP at Your Door in association with Grain Pad an Artificial Intelligence Medical Organization;
  • Providing Diagnostic services at the doorstep in rural/urban areas in collaboration with UG Alliance Foundation;
  • Distributing drinking clean water in sub-urban areas of New Delh;
  • Conducting Yoga workshops and training on International Yoga Day;
  • Setting up of toilets in rural areas under Swachha Bharat Mission;
  • Distribution of sanitizers, masks, soaps and rendering awareness on hygiene amongst children in collaboration with Clensta.

Upcoming Projects

  1. Setting up of medical stores to provide affordable medicines, generic medicines, ayurvedic medicines with additional feature of state of art diagnostic facility on such stores.
  2. Setting up of water booths providing high quality drinking water including alkaline ionised water.
  3. Setting up of outlets selling high quality healthy food items, groceries, vegetables, fruits, organic processed food items, etc.
  4. Setting up of Yoga centers, Ayurveda hospitals, and physiotherapy clinics and digital clinics.